7 Most Common Causes Of Restaurant Fires

A business, no matter what industry it’s in, will always suffer greatly if there’s a fire. The amount of inventory, documents, and potential injury can really put a business on the red. For a restaurant, there’s also the added risk of having a damaged reputation at the end of it.

Having a fire inside your restaurant is the most devastating that can happen especially if it starts in the kitchen. Having a restaurant fire suppression in place can mitigate the damage that fires can cause. However, you should still know the most common causes of the fires so you can actively prevent them from even beginning.

  1. Outdated or faulty cooking equipment

You have to make sure that the cooking equipment inside the kitchen are all clean and well-maintained in terms of repairs. Faulty cooking equipment can start the fire which may cause the entire kitchen area to catch fire if there’s no prevention system in place.

  1. Heating equipment overheating

During busy hours, the heating equipment inside the kitchen may be used continuously giving them no rest at all. This can be dangerous because overheating may become the root of a fire inside the restaurant. There should always be a backup for every heating equipment to prevent this common cause of restaurant fire.

  1. Untidy kitchen

An untidy kitchen means that there are many things just laying around. Oil containers, uncleaned grease, and even leftover cooking supplies may catch fire if they’re exposed to intense heat. The fire can easily spread to other items inside of the kitchen which can go to the main area of the restaurant.

  1. Water getting into the electrical outlets

Make sure that the items inside the restaurant are kept try so there’s no risk of water getting into electrical outlets. The electrical distribution should also be checked annually to make sure that there’s no risk of having them spark up suddenly which can be very dangerous especially during business hours.

  1. Serving gimmicks causing tableware to catch fire

If you operate a restaurant that has gimmicks such as cooking the food in front of the customer, you should make sure that you have a restaurant fire suppression to prevent the fire from spreading in case the tableware catches fire. There should also be proper ventilation in the dining hall.

  1. Smoking materials

You should always keep an eye on anything that’s smoking whether it’s from the kitchen, the food being served, and even a person smoking outside by the trash can. Some things can easily catch fire if exposed to smoke. Make sure all trash is disposed of properly to prevent this from happening.

  1. Arson

Unfortunately, intentional fires still contribute to many of the fires when it comes to restaurants. Reasons differ across the board, but you should still have a restaurant fire suppression in place to make sure that any intentional restaurant fire can be prevented from getting from bad to worse while it’s at the early stages.

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