What is Expected of a Structural Engineer

The structural engineer develops the framework of construction and ensures its stability. Thanks to computer-based calculations, this specialist in materials (concrete, metal structures, wood, etc.) participates in the preliminary design of the construction. Based on the plans of the architect, and before the costing of the site, it takes into account all factors (soil quality, dimensions, technical performance of materials, earthquake risks or climatic conditions) to define the size of the site, different elements of the building structure and the amount of materials to use.

Then he makes computer simulations of resistance, deformation,and elasticity to test his hypotheses and his choices. He also realizes the formwork plan, indicating the location of the walls, and the plan of the frame, which represents the load-bearing elements of the building. He works in teams with draughtsmen or, in small structures, makes his plans. He goes to the site to adapt his calculations during construction, in case of changes requested by the architect.

The Structural Engineer, Guarantor of the Stability of the Structure

As the structural engineer’s main mission is to build the skeleton of the structure while guaranteeing its stability, it intervenes initially upstream of the construction. His role involves different tasks:

From the architect’s plans, he determines the dimension of the different parts composing the structure of the building to be built taking into account:

  • the size of the book
  • the nature and quantity of materials used
  • weather conditions
  • the nature of the soil
  • standards in force and in particular those concerning sustainable development

Then, using CAD software, he makes computer simulations of resistance, deformation,and elasticity that he translates into his report in the form of calculation notes. He establishes the formwork plan indicating the location of the walls and the load-bearing elements of the structure. It is from these elements that his colleagues will be able to quantify the cost of the building.

During construction, he regularly visits the site and intervenes with each modification of the structure to determine new sizing or design a new framework.

The engineer is also regularly asked to draw up plans as part of heavy renovation work to secure projects. Level Home Foundation Repair meets the set objectives required as a structural engineer and helps you build a strong and reliable home.

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