Why Does Your Chimney Smell And How To Deal With It

If you have a fireplace, not only can it add to the feel of a specific room, but of the entire home. As time goes on, though, it will start to smell and you will have to look for a company to provide you with a chimney sweep Warrenton VA.

There are different reasons why your chimney starts to smell. Knowing why it’s starting to smell can definitely help prevent it from happening later on or, at the very least, help lessen the odor that you smell. Fortunately, there is also a lot of solutions that you can do.

Identifying the smell

Depending on the smell emitted by the chimney, you can distinguish what’s causing it. Below are some of the common chimney smells and what they’re most likely from.

* A buildup of critter waste can cause the chimney to smell terribly

* Musty smell means that there’s stagnant water in your smoke chamber

* Rotten smell indicates that there may be fallen leaves or an animal that died in the chimney

* Asphalt odor means that there is a buildup of creosote inside your chimney

Other than the most common issues that you’ve read so far, make sure that you also understand that there are other things which may cause your chimney to smell differently. Below are some not so common odors that you may not smell from your chimney.

New additions to your home that uses water such as boiler and furnace

New entry points for air in your home like doors and windows

Using low quality or unsustainable amount of materials to try and start the fire within your fireplace

As you can see above, there are many things that you are going to run into when you have a fireplace. All things considered, it is definitely one of the best home additions that you can go for where you have many different options.

What needs to be done

We assume that you are already in contact with the company that will provide you with services for your chimney such as chimney sweep Warrenton VA. Make sure that they do a thorough inspection of your chimney and everything else that encompasses it. Doing so can help you avoid problems later on.

Professionals can help come up with the best cleaning solutions for the various dirt build-up that can start in your chimney. They will have the necessary equipment and materials needed to make sure that there’s no odor left behind. It’s important to always get the help of an expert.

When the pros are finished handling your chimney sweep Warrenton VA, make sure that you ask them for any advice as to what you can do to prevent the odor from becoming an issue again. Don’t be hesitant because it is vital that you know how to avoid making the same mistakes as a homeowner.

Whether it’s mold, animal droppings, or anything else, knowing when the time is to get your chimney sweep Warrenton VA is going to be instrumental with the value of your home.
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