The Best White Features to Have in Your House

When deciding on ways to improve and transform the look and feel of your home, the use of white can be a valuable and essential ally. Accompanying all manner of styles and schemes with its flexibility and broad-ranging applications, it enhances the sense of brightness, cleanliness and purity within a room. It is the ultimate tone for all seasons – robustly timeless. But when it comes to specific aspects of your home interior, what are the best white features to refine your style? Below are some examples to aid your redecoration inspiration.

Cupboards and sideboards

Storage units are one of the most frequently used and indispensable items in the home from day to day. Different colours carry different associations – and white is an ideal choice to lend a clean vibe to all of your stored goods. Paired with the practicality and simplicity of well designed-storage, it can add an understated elegance to any space – one that lifts it beyond simple functional purpose, becoming an eye-catching feature in its own right. A white gloss side board is a popular choice, exhibiting both a clean look and a richness imparted by the finish.

Bathroom fixtures

No room is more associated with cleanliness than the bathroom – and white is the go-to choice for reflecting this aspect. It should be noted that the bathroom as a whole need not be entirely white; adding elements of colour on the walls, for example, can add an inviting touch of vibrancy to offset. But when it comes to certain aspects, while fashions and trends over the years have had their rise and fall — such as the avocado bathrooms of the 1970s — it is safe to conclude that a pure, bright shade of white for main features such as the toilet, bath, basin or cabinet will remain a fashion-proof and desirable choice. In addition, compared with other room interiors, there is much to be said for taking a more minimalist approach here, further adding to the element of purity underpinned by the white fixtures.

Walls and ceilings

While they may not be considered a feature as much as the above, white walls and ceilings can have a profound effect in transforming a room. When decorating walls, using shades of white and bright tones expand the perceived space of a room, giving a sense of being more airy and open; this is ideal when dealing with small spaces. In the kitchen, it provides a perfect counterpoint to darker worktops. In the living room, hanging pictures on white walls are the simplest way of balancing clean spaciousness with an ever-changeable splash of colour, and consider featuring the white gloss side board as a TV unit. It’s worth exploring a range of off-white colour options; these can be chosen to subtly reflect the mood and personal tone of your interior.

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