Why afghan rugs enhance your home’s value

Vintage Afghan Rugs Info

Depending on your home interior tastes, you may want to look for a good rug to go with your floors that fit your already planned out house appearance, especially if it’s a living room that has a lot more open space than it usually would be. While other rugs are available and may be added for those that prefer to have whatever specific appearances they like, those that want to buy vintage Afghan rugs will end up adding a lot of nice value to their homes. It may seem strange at first, but what makes this statement true is simply by the rarity of the rug if it’s one that’s been around for many years!


Looking back at the past of the vintage Afghan rugs requires having to know about what makes these kinds of rugs very valuable for any home. They are hand-woven and traditionally made in Afghanistan; in the past, they were mostly made by refugees living in Pakistan. They are well known for their strangely proportioned human and animal designs. The rugs were made either Turkman carpets or Baluchi carpets, both of which homage the aesthetics of Central Asia.

How are they made?

Their materials include felted wool, fabric woven, cotton, and silk. Each carpet takes nearly half of more than half of a year to make. Their weaving techniques include being either handmade or made by machine, with Persian knots to go with the rugs. As mentioned above, their designs are influenced by the strange human and animal designs, and to go with the already strange designs, many rug creators also add a unique color scheme to go with them, with a beautiful appearance that captures the art of Afghanistan. Since these rugs are usually taken to places and are also used in small homes in their country of origin, many Afghan rugs end up being small in size; however, their prices vary from being around the highest amount of money counted in hundreds, or even going near $20,000 dollars! With this kind of value, it can help those that want to earn a lot of money for owning a rug like this as long as it’s authentic and not worn out.

Overall, there may not be many vintage Afghan rugs in other regions of the world, but those that happen to own them would not only have a cultural influence to their homes, but they’d also have a lot of monetary value that can make the trade in their rugs and get the money they’ve been asking for! If anyone’s interested in selling their own vintage Afghan rug, then they should go to TrendCarpet’s website and other carpet and flooring stores without any hesitation.

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