Home grown Chest Packs – Relieve Congestion in the Lungs, Sinuses and Ears

Home grown Chest Packs are basically called Poultices. They are made of two bits of 4X6 Muslin sewn together on three sides and loaded down with Healing Herbs at that point sewn on the fourth side to close. They are then enacted by exceptionally high temp water and set on the skin to mitigate the underneath infirmities.

The Herbal Chest Packs are utilized with Herbs intended to separate Mucous in the Lungs when one is genuinely sick.

Herb Combination:

o Comfrey

o Lobelia

o Marshmallow

o Mullein

o Slippery Elm


o This Herbal Formula will ease the tight chest and separate mucous in the Lungs. Actuate the herbs by wetting the Herbal Chest Pack with exceptionally heated water, sufficiently only to make a Herb mud pie. Don’t over douse it or it will be drippy and make a wreck. Ensure it is cooled enough not to consume before putting it on the skin. Other than the Chest, Herbal Chest Packs may likewise be set around the Neck for sore throats, hacks and alike or the Back.

o The skin is the biggest organ of the body and in spite of the fact that it repulses water it additionally ingests different substances through water whether it be helpful or unsafe. At the point when the Herbal Chest Packs are enacted with water, the body retains the mending properties of the herbs through the water. The Herbal Chest Packs will in the long run get chilly and get to some degree dry. Simply reactivate them again with heated water.

o It is vital that when a Chest Pack is enacted that it not be left on the skin for over 2 hours on end.

o It is likewise imperative to leave a Chest Pack off for no less than a hour prior reactivating and reapplying it to the skin.

o The Herbs are extremely relieving and will assist you with sleeping. These Herbs are additionally great and it is vital that somebody help you in the time factors when utilizing a Chest Pack or set the clock on a wake up timer so you can take it off and rest a hour prior reactivating and reapplying it to the skin.

o To Reactivate Chest Pack, pour bubbling heated water on it, sufficiently only to get it warm before setting on the skin. After actuated, they keep going for three days before you have to discard them, simply continue including water. At the point when not being used, placed it in a plastic zip baggie and keep it in the ice chest, this will guarantee its freshness.

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